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At Evolutia, we are committed to bringing new life to reclaimed materials by transforming them into creative and inspired new products. Evolutia offers reclaimed building materials as well as custom products such as flooring, millwork, furniture, and timber framing. We cater to all those who are interested in quality goods and materials with beauty, character, and history. | www.evolutiamade.com | 1.855.277.5495

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Monday, May 20, 2013

New Events for Evolutia!

Last week was quite an eventful one as we counted down to the minutes till a name was drawn to win the table by Evolutia.

We were lucky enough to record the whole thing so we could share with you the most anticipated moment.


  Congratulations to Curt Phillips for winning the drawing!

 We look forward to meeting you soon!

Now I know that for all you others, you are not excited to hear that someone else won and yes, I understand, trust me. This will not be the only give away Evolutia will have. There are still many more to come and many more chances to win other cool things by Evolutia! Just be sure to "Like" us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Tumbler, Google+, YouTube and FourSquare to stay on top of all the latest updates and sign up to our newsletter at our Evolutia Website.


As you all know Evolutia is collaborating with Recherché Furnishings to bring you an amazing new product that will definitely be the next new rave in any interior space!


The craftsmanship executed with so much care and passion to creating some of the most unique and exquisite tables around. One of the most prominent styles of Recherché is the use of pigmented concrete to produce a beautiful, solid yet functional piece that will leave you dazzled! Some of the concrete tabletops also include different crushed objects such as glass to give the piece more colorful life for those who are interested in a more vibrant table. With so many variables allowing anyone to customize their very own table into exactly the style and vibe they may want. June brings the collaboration between Evolutia's reclaimed beauties intertwined with Recherché's exquisitely captivating creations. On June 19-25, Recherché will be showcasing their entire line and featuring our new collaborative pieces at the Dallas Market Center, Omni Sales Group, Suite 333. The Omni Sales Group owns a breathtaking 15,000 square foot award-winning showroom facing the atrium of the Dallas World Trade Center. As we draw closer, we also draw closer to getting to see the final pieces to the series of Evolutia and Recherché collaborative creations. Visit Recherché Furnishings!



Elmore house given a second life...

One of our new reclamation projects is the Elmore house which was owned by General John Archer Elmore in the 1820's. This interesting house is located in Elmore, Alabama on a beautiful green landscape under clear blue skies. Two stories tall and with incredibly features throughout, this house is beyond a stunning piece of history. 

Front view of the Elmore house
Side view of the Elmore house

The home was definitely spacious and also consists of different areas of the house built with smaller doors and passage ways all throughout. The kitchen which you can see to your far right was built separate from the rest of the house as to be able to save the rest of the house in case the kitchen ever caught on fire. Underneath the kitchen lies a underground storage for different goods they may need to have stored during down seasons. Along the back the house is lined wit a large covered porch. Each room within the house contains a fireplace, including the rooms upstairs. It's apparent this home was belonging to of someone of much wealth at that time. The doorknobs are detailed with intricate patterns and imagery. Just studying the layout of the house is intriguing as you learn the different function and purposes each room may or may not have served especially since today many homes are built more based on the style rather than functionality.

One of the interesting things to notice especially if you are of an artistic soul, are the details and usage of a plant and vase on the doorknob. It makes you think about drawing or painting a still life and the symbolism that is associated.

From reclaiming wood to windows to sinks, the discoveries continue to be a surprise. All these reclaimed materials will be once again put to good use and made available at Evolutia.


Be sure to stay connected with Evolutia on the web so you can keep track of all new happenings with Evolutia as well as new contests and events!

Thank you to all those who have supported Evolutia!
Evolutia continues to work for you and providing you the best services, products and materials for your home and business needs!

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