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At Evolutia, we are committed to bringing new life to reclaimed materials by transforming them into creative and inspired new products. Evolutia offers reclaimed building materials as well as custom products such as flooring, millwork, furniture, and timber framing. We cater to all those who are interested in quality goods and materials with beauty, character, and history. | www.evolutiamade.com | 1.855.277.5495

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Monday, April 29, 2013

EVOLUTIA at High Point Market

High Point Market Brings New Beginnings to EVOLUTIA

In High Point, North Carolina, one of the largest markets in the world takes place within the city for an entire week. Over thousands of vendors, buyers, businesses, architects, designers, students and clients attend this market every year.

This April marks the 1st High Point Market experience for Evolutia to attend such a large, reputable show and present the first few pieces of the furniture series Evolutia created from reclaimed materials. All perfectly hand crafted and made from materials that can never be replicated. Each piece is unique and original with a hidden historical story background from the materials it was built from.

New connections and ideas from High Point Market gives Evolutia the opportunity to start brainstorming on some new designs, plans and styles to build functional and visually irresistible home furnishings by reusing reclaimed materials. Evolutia promotes the idea of sustainability and the idea of efficiently using readily, available resources that can be found and reclaimed rather than harming any of our untouched, natural resources.

Sustainability does not have to be just a thought. It can be an action, an effort or even an end product. Evolutia believes in a better world and taking steps to make it a more sustainable place for generations now and in the future.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

High Point Market in NC

The Exhibition At High Point Market
EVOLUTIA is about our history, that history transformed into something more, something raw, something brought back to life. It's time we take advantage of reused and repurposed materials as well as loving the historical value behind it. We have to protect the natural resources we have. Past brought back to life...the past life. ♥

This is the first year EVOLUTIA attended and exhibited works at the High Point Market located in High Point, NC.The High Point Market is considered the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world, attracting more than 70,000 people. There are 180 buildings, 11.5 million square feet of show space, more than 2000 exhibitors, and more than a 100 different countries represented.

This amazing event only takes place twice a year. With that said, this nationally known market gains the respect from many different people all over the globe from exhibitors to buyers to professionals and students.

EVOLUTIA continues to spread its passion for reusing “old treasures” to help sustain the needs of society now and in the future. As resources become smaller and smaller, it is up to us to help protect the natural resources we do have for the generations to come while still remembering the past behind it.

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