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At Evolutia, we are committed to bringing new life to reclaimed materials by transforming them into creative and inspired new products. Evolutia offers reclaimed building materials as well as custom products such as flooring, millwork, furniture, and timber framing. We cater to all those who are interested in quality goods and materials with beauty, character, and history. | www.evolutiamade.com | 1.855.277.5495

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Monday, August 22, 2011

New Life - New Business - New Design

This has been a year filled with new ventures, new ideas, and new business. Below is the newest member of the Evolutia team already enjoying a quick nap at our showroom in Homewood.  We have big plans for this incredible space and are currently talking with local designers and artists to fill our showroom with original products made from our historic materials. We are also launching a new website, offering "new" reclaimed materials, and working on new productions on our organic farm.

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